Damian Montero

I am a

A Developer by heart, Manager by trait,and a Speaker by Passion living in beautiful South Florida

A Developer manager with over 15 years experience in the field and 5 years experience leading teams of up to 10 people in 4 different cities.

You can find more about me from my social cloud:
GitHub: TheDamian
Twitter: @DamianMontero
LinkedIn: Damian Montero
Contact me: You can email me by simply adding "Damian@" to this domain name.

South Florida Tech Podcast
April 25th, 2022

Host interviewing the CEO of Tech Hub South Florida - Nikki Cabus

React Miami
April 18-19th, 2022

co-Host with Amanda McDermott at the React Miami 2022 Conference

SoFlo DevCon
April 16th, 2022

Using NFT and Web3 for Authentication

IT Palooza
March 11th, 2020

Ask an IT Expert - Panel

Lynn University
April 3rd, 2020

Learn to build your first Website

Boca JS
Sept 6th, 2016

Cloud for Nothing and the Gits for free

Palm Beach Javascript
August 30th, 2016

Publish the Cloud in 3 seconds (or less)

Palm Beach Mobile
August 16th, 2016

Serverless apps - Getting up and running without an IT Staff

South Florida Code Camp 2016
Feb 20th, 2016

Web Sockets & Notifications: Or how to play an interactive game with 60 other people live!

Also created the Official South Florida Code Camp Mobile App (See left side of site)

Docker? I hardly touched her
February 2nd, 2016

Presented to a group of 50+ attendees the power of docker to get their projects up and running and eliminate the saying "it works on my box".

Web Sockets & Notifications - How my server controls your phone!
April 5th, 2016

In this presentation I showed over 80+ attendees the power of Web Sockets with an interactive game played with several of the attendies live.

Awards & Certifications

I have been very honored by several Hackathon Wins.
Here are some of them:

Blackberry Elite

Prior Member for the >Blackberry Elite Hall of Fam

Interviewed by the #1 Blackberry Site on the internet

Here is my Interview with Crackberry.com at the last Blackberry Jam

Microsoft MCP & Microsoft Specialist

My Microsoft Certifications can be found by Clicking Here

Microsoft MVP

Currently working hard and have been nominated as a Microsoft MVP

Hackathon Wins

I have been very honored by several Hackathon Wins.
Here are some of them:

2022 - 2nd Place

Miami in Tech - 2nd place for the Near Protocol prize - $2,000

2013 - Best HTML5 App

Best HTML5 app at the AT&T Hackathon in Las Vegas for $5,000 Event Details - Recap

2012 - Best HTML5 App & Trip to Las Vegas

Best HTML5 app for $1000 and an all expenses trip to Las Vegas to complete for the top prize Recap

2012 - 3rd Place

Won 3rd prize for $300 - Details & Recap

2012 - 2nd Place

Won 2nd place by creating an app that finds the face of the person that's sitting in front of the phone. shows a thought bubble and then shows and reads out loud the latest tweek from the event.- Event Details

2012 - 2nd Place

WhatUpBridge - An iPhone apps to find when the Bridges in Miami are up or down - Recap found here

Damian Montero

Manager / Developer / Architect

Download a version of my resume in Word Format or PDF (username and password is my first name)

Service Robotics & Tech - Remote			      
Jan 2022 – Present
Role: Developer Mentor & Trainer
Description: Helping developers is my passion and at SRT it’s my job. I help developers move to the next level and make them the best version of themselves possible

Teach Lead
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
Jan 2021 – Dec 2021
Description: As a Tech Lead my role is simple. provide the guiding technology for the projects that delight our users. In my role I get to lead some of South Florida's best talent as eventually all good developers and IT staff are employed by JM Family once in their career.

IT Architect
Nations Benefits
June 2020 – Jan 2021
Description: As a Software Architect I oversee and work closely with development team to release the best software for our company. My role also includes working with our business executive team to make sure our company's vision is seen and felt by our customer by having the best software in the industry. Our difference is in technology and my role is to make sure that difference stays ahead of our competition and always utilizing the best in industry standard that we are known for.

Teach Lead
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
Oct 2019– May 2020
Description: As a Tech Lead my role is simple. provide the guiding technology for the projects that delight our users. In my role I get to lead some of South Florida's best talent as eventually all good developers and IT staff are employed by JM Family once in their career.

Senior Application Developer
Vertical Bridge REIT
Nov 2018– Oct 2019:  Boca Raton, FL

As a Senior Application Developer, I worked with my team to improve the existing internal real-estate management system. I also architected their first customer facing website bringing my security knowledge and reactive design knowledge to create a project that was mentioned in the yearly company meeting as one of the best projects to see the light of day in the company. With a special honor given by the CEO of the company himself. We used all of the latest technology while still making sure that the website worked on all browsers and on all platforms.

Lead Application Developer
Nebular Agency
Sept 2016 – Oct 2018: Boca Raton, FL

As a Lead Application Developer for Nebular Agency, I am responsible for designing the customer experience using great design and functionality. As part of the development and R D Department we make sure we create the best quality for our customers at the best price. At Nebular there's always 100% chance of Awesome.

Lead Application Developer
Arrow Consulting and Design
April 2016 – August 2016: West Palm Beach, FL

As a Lead Application Developer, I lead the team that built applications for our many clients. I manage the delight of our customers as well as made sure the team was working on exciting and worthwhile projects and that was delivered, not only on time, but with the highest quality and customer joy as possible.

Senior Software Engineer
Norwegian Cruise Line
July 2015 – April 2016: Doral, FL

As a Senior Application Developer; my role was not only to add my skills to the already very capable team of 3 senior developers but also to guide and architect all aspects of our customer facing web properties from the front-end design pattern practices to the back-end technology. This created an easy to use system and customer pleasing experience. Being part of this Agile environment meant the team moved quickly and features are added often. My experience and knowledge also expended to helping to implement their Selenium for mobile testing solution. This allowed the company to add the 4 mobile platforms to their existing Selenium project. Helping not only implement the Selenium project but helping design how the testing was going to happen.

Developer Manager
Everst Business Funding
March 2015 – July 2015: Doral, FL

As a Manager of the Development team, I am responsible for leading a team of senior developers in the creation of all facets of business requirement. Meeting all the needs of the division in our company are my primary goal but also providing our business users and outside clients with the best tools and overall experience to make their business and personal needs the best in the industry. We have taken an existing system that had a response time of 3-5 minutes and moved that to 2-3 seconds. I love motivating developers, designers and DBAs and getting their best work in the most efficient way. We work in an Agile Environment that I have implemented and we work as a strong team.

Senior Applications Developer III / Team Lead
Oct 2014 – March 2015: Hialeah, FL

I was in charge of the architecture & release details of two large applications used by both the Vendors of Bulletline and the Auditing department. I was in charge of not only working with the designers and other developers, but also working with the business department for all requirements and initial data. All front-end, middle-ware components and Backend systems were designed and implemented by me as the architect and team lead.

Senior Web Developer / Desginer
Skype Inc / Microsoft
April 2014 – Oct 2014 Palo Alto, California

I was in charge of several marketing full websites for the marketing department of both Skype and Microsoft as a whole using the full Microsoft Technologies Stack. I was responsible for Full-Stack creation, design and implementation of these marketing directed websites usually created to emphasize a feature, platform or partnership that Skype or Microsoft want to market for.
Some examples are Xgames.skype.com and Guardians.skype.com

Senior Developer Level 4 / Software Architect
ADP Dealer Services
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; ADP;	Computer Software industry

June 2010 – February 2014 (3 years 9 months) Fort Lauderdale

As a Software Architect for ADP's Dealer Services Division I was in charge of the complete life cycle of our software which is in use in over 70% of the large car dealerships in the united states. 
I lead a team of 10 developers and QA personnel using Agile Methodology. 
I built the team from scratch twice having interviewed all new members of the team. 
All development was using the Microsoft .Net Technology using C# and VB.NET script with a SQL Server 2008R2 server on a distributed server farm built by myself and my team.

Senior Developer
December 2007 – November 2010 (3 years) Fort Lauderdale

Developed all systems used by our company to track the leads that we sold to our clients. Our system was unique in the business as our clients could bid on the leads they were interested in

Senior Developer
Black Diamond Services
Privately Held; 1-10 employees;	Internet industry

April 2007 – June 2010 (3 years 3 months) pompano beach, FL

* Designed and co-ordinated the implementation of an automated EDI billing system which allowed Black Diamond to be able to bill their clients in an electronic format; lowering their cost and collections time from 3 months to an average of 2 weeks. This was achieved by working face-to-face with several of their brokers on a system that eliminated errors and automated the dispute process.
* Designed and co-ordinated the implementation of an automated EDI Client entry exchange system that allowed all of Black Diamonds broker partners the ability to submit their new claimants information eliminating any entry errors, duplications and discrepancies. Also eliminating the need for data entry personnel to perform these tasks manually.
* Moving an existing proprietary system that controls their whole reservation system, used by this 300 person transportation company, over to ASP.NET implementation from their existing PowerBuilder internal Application using C# and VB.NET and SQL Server 2005. Several Transactional systems were created and a 3-teered system was created to allow the web front end to be able to use the same functionality as an internal VB.NET application.

Consultant - Developer
Calvin Giordado
November 2006 – April 2007 Fort Lauderdale, FL

I created a proposal workflow system in VB.NET using Visual Studio 2005 and MS SQL 2005 to allow them to control the processing of customer’s requests, and bid on customer’s projects. This involved several senior level officers whom I had to report to and keep up with design and requirement changes

Lead Developer
Alliance - Circuit City.com
September 2005 – November 2006  Coral Springs, FL

* Work on their main E-Commerce system which is run for several Top 500 Firms such as Circuit city & Samgoody using C#.NET using Visual Basic 2005 & MS SQL 2005 
* Created and enhanced Websites with a front ending interface having millions of visits a month. The systems were designed with many webservers, load balancers, database servers and middleware servers in mind.

Sr Software Engineer
Global Resource Systems
May 2005 – September 2005 Sunrise, FL

* Created and deployed several of the client-facing ASP.NET websites used to collect leads. These sites where created in VB.NET and C# depending on project requirements. 
* Created VB.NET Automation systems to alleviate system administrator tasks. 
* Created VB.NET NT Services in C# to synchronize several webmail systems.

Consultant - Web Developer
TTADirect & StoreWOW.com
January 2004 – April 2005  Hollywood, FL

* Leading a small team of ASP.NET Developers I integrated their e-commerce website with their accounting software as well as redesigned a lot of the existing web site to a more professional look and functionality. The two websites went from being mainly static pages, to fully functional e-commerce websites, with integrations with distributors through XML and automating a lot of the daily activities. The Web sites were redesigned using ASP.NET using VB.NET and C# depending on system requirements and past developer’s work. Also with some changes to some existing ASP pages using VBA. The database in use was MS SQL Server using T-SQL, and All pages used Javascript & CSS

Consultant - Web Developer
AeroToy Store LLC
March 2003 – January 2004Fort Lauderdale, FL

* Redesigned their website and several internal systems to create an automated system for listing their planes & exotic cars on Ebay and other retail websites. Also headed the project to bring all websites, and systems in-house to better control what could be done, this allowed several new projects to take place and more opportunities for this corporation. All websites were created using a combination of ASP, ASP.NET using VB.NET, and PHP. The database used on these systems was MySQL 3.23. All web pages used Javascript & CSS.

Web Developer
Privately Held; 501-1000 employees;	Marketing and Advertising industry

July 2002 – March 2003 (9 months) Miami, FL

* Leading a team of ASP.NET using VB.NET programmers on managed tasks for several divisions in Inktel and meeting tough schedules with quality as our number one goal. We worked integrating several companywide systems with databases from companies like Sprint, Bellsouth, and BankOne. Worked with a team on several projects often taking the lead and creating team wide systems to be used on all future and current projects. All projects were a combination of ASP & ASP.NET using VB.NET, with MS SQL using T-SQL as the database. There were several web services from the client companies that required XML and XSLT. All web pages used JavaScript and CSS. Several of the systems were n-tiered and I personally created not only the client tiers but several of the middle tiers as well

Web Developer
TakeToAuction / Perfumania.com
December 1999 – July 2002 hollywood, FL

* Designed and develop the company website which linked to our database to present a dynamic database driven pages using ASP technology which contains a various module for each function of the web site menu. 
* Designed Drop shipping operations web site using ASP.NET using VB.NET technology 
* Project Leader for the web designer team, including but not limited to, task delegation for each module/function, graphic/art lay out, pages structure, etc. 
* In charge of every aspects of the order processing of all stores and membership based websites, from credit card to eCheck processing systems. 
* In charge of all security issues regarding with customer information. 
* All web pages were created using ASP, and ASP.NET using VB.NET. The database used for all projects was MS SQL Server using T-SQL, and all web pages used javasscript and CSS

Web Developer
Public Company; 1-10 employees;	Transportation/Trucking/Railroad industry

March 1999 – December 1999 Fort Lauderdale

* Designed and implemented the company website for proprietary booking/reservation software over the internet working with Java server pages. 
* Enhanced the web site function by adding a various module, pages lay out, and information structure. 
* Other than the redesign of the web site which required HTML, all projects were done using Java on Borland Jbuilder.

Jr Web Developer / Support Staff
Public Company; 51-200 employees;	Computer Software industry

November 1996 – March 1999 Toronto, Canada

* Designed and implemented the company website adding a dynamic wizard using Perl for Order Management form and Questionnaires. 
* All pages were designed using HTML and Perl for the back end Scripts. 
* I originally started a IT support staff but the opportunity to created their web front end and back end processing system arrived and I took the position.